Walter Baron, owner of Old Wharf Dory, in Wellfleet, MA, is a self-taught boat builder who has been crafting wooden boats for nearly three decades. He recently purchased RAPTOR® brad nails and the tool to discover how RAPTOR® would benefit him when he constructed his Savo 575 boat.

I used Raptor nails to fasten the laps on this SAVO 575 while the glue in the laps cured.

When it came time to sand the boat, the Raptor nails did not interfere. There was no damage to the sander and the nails sanded down easily.

Raptor nails are available in several sizes, I use the 18 gauge, 7/16″ brads. I have also used larger Raptor nails to build strip planked side decks on various power boats that I have constructed.

Raptor is a very useful product that I will be using again.

Walter Baron, Owner
Old Wharf Dory Company