RAPTOR® Product Applications

Applications for Plastic Nails, Staples & Fasteners

RAPTOR® Plastic Nails & Staples can be cut, sanded, sawed and shaped without blade or abrasive damage, never rust, corrode or promote electrolysis, are completely non-metal, accept stain and paint, are available in colors, are lightweight, and can be used in MRI, RF, and microwave applications. These features translate to valuable benefits for manufacturing industries such as Timber and Lumber Processing, Wooden Boat Building, CNC Woodworking, Cellular PVC, Composites Manufacturing, Woodworking, Casket Manufacturing and Construction. Any non-load bearing application that cannot use metal fasteners, for whatever reason, is a great candidate for RAPTOR® plastic composite staples and nails.

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Boat Building

Boat builders, from wooden boat building enthusiasts to high volume boat manufacturers, rely on RAPTOR® plastic composite staples, brads, finish nails and Copula® foam core joinery pins for multiple applications including resin transfer molding, strip planking, cold molding, stitch and glue, fiberglass, and composite construction methods. Read More »

CNC Woodwork

RAPTOR® plastic composite nails provide an ideal “clamping” method for stacking and cutting multiple sheets for increased throughput. Additionally, RAPTOR® nails provide a simple and quick spoil board holding solution for operators who do not have vacuum systems or for small parts that cannot be held by a vacuum. Read More »

Timber Processing

Tagging and wrapping lumber and timber is a critical step in timber harvesting and production. RAPTOR® offers a wide range of non-metal staples and staplers to meet the needs and demands of timber and lumber processors worldwide. Read More »

Casket Manufacturing

Traditional wood casket manufacturers integrate fine woodworking craftsmanship techniques with RAPTOR® plastic composite finish nails, clamp nails, and staples. Composite fasteners conform to strict interpretation of Jewish law for Orthodox casket construction.
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Cellular PVC Trim and Millwork

Leading PVC trim installers and millwork manufacturers rely on RAPTOR® plastic composite nails for temporary joining of bead, corners, mouldings, and trimboard because they are available in white to match the PVC, because they cannot rust or stain the PVC, and because of their ability to be cut, sanded, and painted. Read More »


Widely used in wind turbine blade manufacturing and composite boat building, RAPTOR® Staples and Nails compliment any composite manufacturing application utilizing RTM, VARTM, pre-preg, fiberglass mat, carbon fiber mat or SCRIMP® lay-up, and any other composites application. It is not necessary to remove RAPTOR® fasteners because they will not corrode or delaminate, and interfacial bonding is excellent. Read More »


Any non-structural application that benefits from a rust-free or a non-conducting fastening solution is a candidate for RAPTOR® plastic composite staples and nails. Additionally, RAPTOR® is safe for electrical wire and cable installation. Read More »


RAPTOR® composite finish nails, brads, pins and staples are used in a wide variety of woodworking applications such as cabinetry, furniture, window manufacturing, door manufacturing, sports equipment and even musical instruments and cases. Read More »


RAPTOR® composite finish nails, brads and pins provide cabinet and door manufacturers with an ideal “clamping device”. When RAPTOR® is utilized, there is no need to wait for the glue to dry before cutting, shaping, sanding and staining and there are no clamps to remove or metal nails to damage tools. The doors can immediately move throughout the production process without downtime, without tool or sander belt damage and without holes to putty. Read More »

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