RAPTOR® Nails and Staples

Polymer Composite Plastic Nails & Plastic Staples

UTILITY COMPOSITES, Inc. maker of RAPTOR® plastic composite nails and staples is a quality driven company that is proud to offer world class products and fastening solutions to a broad spectrum of market and industry segments. Our composite fasteners are made in the USA and marketed and sold worldwide through a dual strategy of both direct sales and also through a select group of industrial distributors strategically positioned around the world.

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  • Completely Non Metal

    RAPTOR® Nails and staples are a composite blend of polymer and fiberglass. They are suitable for any application where metal fasteners cannot be used.

  • No Rust

    RAPTOR® Nails and staples are not susceptible to the corrosion and oxidation that attacks metal, so your manufactured product retains its beautiful new appearance.

  • Easy to Sand & Saw

    RAPTOR® Nails and staples can be sanded and sawed without tool damage, so you will not need to replace sanding belts, blades and router bits as often.

  • Bond Like Glue

    Due to friction, RAPTOR® Nails and staples melt slightly upon insertion into the substrate. This creates a strong mechanical bond between the fibers of the substrate and the fastener.

  • Microwave Drying

    Unlike metal, RAPTOR® Nails and staples can be put into RF or microwave drying ovens without arcing. These fasteners can also withstand temperatures up to 350°F for several hours!

  • Weather Resistant

    RAPTOR® Nails and staples are UV resistant, and they are virtually unaffected by chlorine, acids and solvents such as gasoline and oil.

  • High Strength

    The tensile strength of nailed wooden connections is about twice as great with RAPTOR® nails and staples compared to ordinary metal. The nailed connection is actually stronger and remains tight with time and aging.

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